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About Us

Kind Designs was set up as a family business supplying beautiful door fingerplates in 2011. Our inspiration came from an original Art Deco set of mirrored fingerplates found at auction, combined with a pair of antique French plates found at a flea market in the South of France. After a fruitless search for similar, to jazz up the rest of our doors, we decided to make our own - and Kind Designs was born.

Kind Designs is a husband-and-wife team, and we have devised every product in our range. We only design and make products that we'd love to have in our own home.

The fingerplates are so individual, and are a modern twist on the original brass, copper or ceramic fingerplates that featured on most interior doors from the mid-nineteenth century. We sandblast the designs on each plate individually by hand.

We are aiming to expand our range with new products, so please bookmark our website and visit again!

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